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A Call to Action

More than two dozen states have initiated STEM-related plans in recent years.  They are led variously by governors, universities, technical colleges, state education departments, workforce development partners, industry associations and public/private partnerships. In all cases, groups are working together to advocate for increased efforts to improve our nations’ talent pipeline. Even with all the attention being paid to STEM, few states have been able to leverage STEM talent to influence state policy, secure funding, or change public perception on STEM-related careers. Wisconsin’s policy leaders must embrace this comprehensive report and begin to invest in strategies that will impact education and training for youth and adults, create a STEM pathway for lifelong learning, engage employers and business associations and build public awareness for the value of a highly-educated talent pipeline for our economy.

Youth and adults deserve a brighter future for their careers; employers need to secure a workforce that is highly competitive; and our communities will become more closely engaged in the connections between the world of education and the world of work in our highly technical society.

Our call to action is for everyone concerned about the future of Wisconsin’s economic prosperity, our education competitiveness, and our ability to sustain career opportunities for future generations to get involved by becoming a learner and champion for STEM in your local school and community.

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